Loud Budgeting (Sọrọ Sókè): The latest trend in personal finance

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Maybe you've heard about it. Loud budgeting? Loud. Budgeting. Well...

A very unconventional finance term, yet its making waves. It was concocted by a Tiktoker.

Here's how it happened:

What is loud budgeting, the new money management and personal finance trend sweeping social media?

Loud budgeting is when a person is vocal (speaks up, sọrọ sókè) about their financial situation and expenses and is transparent about what they are willing to spend on.

Yes, you heard that right. Rather than being quiet and going out of your way, you simply speak out. Be open.

In Nigeria, we say: Sọrọ sókè!
It means: Speak up, speak out.

Now, let's go deeper. What does …

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