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Update: This is to notify all our members that this planned security change has now been effected effective from 1st April, 2024. You can now login using only your Email address plus your secret password. If you encounter any difficulties, please use the CONTACT US page. If you forgot your login details, use the I FORGOT LOGIN DETAILS link on the login page. Thank you.

As membership of platforms becomes more valuable, account security must be given the priority it deserves.
Account Security
Account Security
As of now, members of Azàland log into their accounts with Nickname and password. But that's about to change, in a bid to apply.more security measures to members' accounts. Why?

The Rationale
Nicknames are publicly shown in discussions and known by others. This makes it easy to identify login username for a start. But not password. However, we believe that email addresses hidden from public, will serve as better login credential over Nickname. Hence, within the next 48 hours, we shall switch completely to email login only.

This is a strict measure for the benefit of our members and also to protect any related assets like the $AZA Gèms earned.

What You Must Do
Nothing much. You will notice on the login form once we switch over. It will request email address instead of nickname.

Also, you must become more familiar with the email address associated with your account. This way, you won't be locked out of your account.

For now, we have allowed login with either email or nickname. Either will work. By the new week, we shall move strictly to email.
In Case Of Problems?
Well, in this case, reach out to the support team via the contact us page at contact and you would be assisted in case you forget your credentials.

Also, the login page contains links to use for reset in case you forget your credentials.

Thanks for understanding.
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