Scammed? What are smart effective ways to resolve bank complaints?

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Complaining in Nigeria big banks, following up and getting results can be cumbersome and may be tiring. Yet results are not guaranteed.

See some experiences:
I was scammed on Telegram messenger,f Firstbank (my bank) is useless. Unitybank (scammer's bank) asked me to make a report through my bank which I did. Firstbank said they can't do anything cos the transaction was successful, Unitybank ask me get a court order, lawyer advised I forget the money cos its little and process would be cumbersome (I'm ready to pay him o). Zenith bank did the best move, at least they shakara the scammmer. My 20k still with scammer, Firstbank and Unity Banks did nothing.
These are quoted experiences from reliable online sources.

What is the smartest and effective ways to handle this?
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