Claim your own share of the 2.1 million $AZA Tokens (currently worth $21,000 and representing 1% of total max supply) in airdrops as approved by The Azaland Project, in line with the Whitepaper. Below are the requirements and steps to benefit.

Basic Requirement:

  1. To benefit, you must hold a minimum of 100 $AZA in your wallet. This is now mandatory.

Step-by-step guide:

  1. Join the Azaland Community by registering here.
  2. Follow @TheAzaland on X (Twitter).
  3. Click here to retweet this Tweet on X (Twitter)
  4. Join The Azaland Project on Telegram.
  5. Subscribe to The Azaland Project on Youtube.

After completing the above 5 simple tasks, please submit the following: 1. Your Azaland Nickname, 2. Your BNB Smart Chain Wallet address, and 3. Your Twitter handle using this Form.

Receiving the $AZA Airdrop:
***Drop is on the go and you will receive your FREE 210 $AZA tokens not later than May 30th, 2024.


> AZA Gems official website
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>>> See AZA Gems Whitepaper
>>>> AZA on BlockExplorer
>>> How to add AZA to wallet
>> Buy/Swap AZA on Uniswap
> The Azaland Project

Mining AZA Gems is ongoing and will continue yearly for 10 years! Read How Can I Mine AZA Gems On Azaland?

The Azaland Project is on X and Telegram