About Azàland

The Financial Literacy Advocacy Hub

Azàland is an online community dedicated to everyone interested in personal finance, money, banking, investing, financial mastery and more. Statistics reveal that only 33% of people globally can be considered financially literate. Azaland will raise the bar!

Our Vision

To sensitize and educate people to understand money better and manage their finances wisely towards a lifetime of informed financial decisions.​
Our Mission
To impact our community to become a place where more and more people become more financially literate, improve their overall quality of life, increase productivity, positively impact national GDP and find overall life fulfilment.
To achieve these, we have taken advantage of this digital community-driven platform as the foundation and starting point. We hope to impact more lives and expand our horizons both digitally and physically in the communities. We seek to collaborate with the right organizations, schools, bodies and even governments to achieve our goals.

Come in, enjoy quality articles and join the discussion about financial literacy, legitimate money making, banking, foreign exchange (FX), Blockchain, scam alerts, investing, entrepreneurship, and even ways you may lose money.

Our community also offers related news and current affairs on these subjects!

Join us today. Stay informed. Make better decisions. Help others with your knowledge, expertise and experiences.

- The Azàland Project